Yejin Shin ― Artbo

by Grace Chung

How did you come up with and decide on the name for your business?

‘Jogakbo’ was traditionally made to be used as ‘bojagi’(wrapping cloth) in Korea. I want to present ‘jogakbo’ as an artwork aside from its traditional use so I combined ‘art’ from ‘artwork’ with ‘bo’ in ‘bojagi’ for the name ‘Artbo.’

How do you hope to connect with your customers through your products? What do you hope to convey?

I’m working on ‘jogakbo’ that harmonizes with the space. The most important factor in displaying ‘jogakbo’ is natural light. The shadow from the light also creates another artwork. The pattern of the ‘jogakbo’ makes you feel like you are in another space.

I want those who look at the ‘jogakbo’ to feel peace in their mind and I want to share my genuine thoughts that were created by the connection of patchworks.

What is your favorite part of the process?

Before I start working, I get excited when I’m matching the colors of fabrics. The colors naturally come together and get sewn by themselves as my hands touch them. I like the improvisation of this process. Hand-stitching brings peace in my mind and gives me positive energy. 

What aspects of Korean culture, history, or community do you hope to promote through your products?

‘Jogakbo’ is a type of ‘Gyubang craft’* that is made with pieces of leftover fabrics from ‘hanbok’*. Sewing the pieces of cloth symbolizes longevity and brings blessings as it is made with great care. Recycling leftover fabric also shows the wisdom of our ancestors. By connecting traditional Korean culture with the value of Artbo artwork, I want to share our ancestors’ wisdom and messages.

footnote: *Gyubang Craft is handcrafted needle works made by noble women of Joseon Dynasty. *Hanbok is traditional Korean clothing.

What have you learned about yourself and your Korean heritage through the process?

I am inspired by the composition of the colors of the pieces and the aesthetic of the stitches shown in the relics of Jogakbo made by women in the past. Even though there was no special intention or plan, it shows a unique formative beauty. I’m trying to create artwork that we need in our daily life. 

I got inspiration from the color and composition of cultural treasure jogakbo that was made by women of the Joseon Dynasty. It seems like there was no plan or intention when they were creating it, but it has its own unique beauty. By up-cycling, I’m trying to create artwork that we need in our daily life. 

You just won an all-expenses-paid vacation. Where would you travel to and who would you take?

This is a very exciting question. I really want to go to Iceland with my family. It would be great if I’m with my family. I want to see an aurora and go to hot springs. My first son who is really into travel will be happy.  

What’s something that makes you laugh?

Kids laughing. Their innocent laugh gives me energy.

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