Grace Nguyen ― LOUPN

by Arnold Byun

How did you come up with and decide on the name for your business?

My friend Lina mentioned the word loupe and I was hooked on that word – I kept thinking of different word plays for days since I loved the reference to what goes around comes around, to relationships & connections, and to the product itself. During our brainstorming session, I kept repeating LOUPED, and my husband Paul yelled out LOUPN - present tense! and it just felt so right!

What/who inspires you and your business?

My community inspires me and LOUPN! Those friends and clients who work hard to overcome their struggles everyday, those who have a growth mindset and turn every challenge into an opportunity, and those who smile like sunshine and work to help others shine inspire us!

 What parts of your Korean heritage can be seen in your product and business?

I have always loved traditional Korean aesthetics including Korean palaces and hanbok (aka I love watching Korean dramas sa-guk when time allows ). I’ve loved integrating that aesthetic to our pieces such as For the People Ring, Flower Path Necklace, and Legacy Pendant Necklace. I’m excited to develop more designs that reference our Korean heritage, as it dances with our modern times.

What have you learned about yourself and your Korean heritage through the process?

I’ve been reminded of how proud I am of the Korean mentality of never giving up. Although there are parts of my heritage that I don’t agree with, such as class systems and male chauvinistic tendencies, it makes me work that much harder to enhance the elements I’m proud of, and work to counteract the aspects I don’t agree with, and instead, promote equality.   

 How would you describe your designs? What differentiates you from other jewelry brands?

Our designs are distinctly clean and understated but with an edge. I believe in a few simple pieces that have big impact. Other than the timeless designs that can be integrated into anyone’s daily looks, our community with a positive growth mindset is something I’m very proud to be a part of.

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